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Naser Mojtahed

I started photography quite early, in high school; since then it has remained an ever growing passion and a motivation to expand my curiosity.  I find joy in holding the camera and looking through its viewfinder.


It enables me to sample the reality and offer it as the depiction of entire scene, with its emotions, attributes and mood. Photography, for me, is a means of communicating with the viewer, to create a sense that s/he was there, looking at it from my perspective and experiencing what I experienced.


The aptitude it provides, capturing a transient moment with its impermanent life and make it eternal, is immensely gratifying. No other art medium offers such an immediate grasp of reality with such power.


Being a traditionalist, I hesitated long before joining the digital world in 2008. Soon I discovered the passion was so overwhelming, requiring a fundamental change in my lifestyle, which ultimately took place in 2012 when I was able to spend more time to photography.


The images on this site are products of 2012 onward. Digital photography with its vast possibilities gave me the chance to expand my practice as a photographer. I started to experiment areas with no prior experience, street photography and macro being the main two genre. I am certain there will be others in future.


I have never regarded photography as anything but pure delight. It is all about being there,  and finding a way, immediate and intuiative, to capture the moment, pure and simple, with no supplemental commentary or caption. Free and independent, expressing itself without any outside help.


The proceeds from sales of images on this website will be entirely donated to Water Wells for Africa, a nonprofit organization building wells for Africans.


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